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Slimline II Tray - 1475(W) X 2368(L)

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Slimline II-Fach mit 1475 mm (B) x 2368 mm (L). Enthält kein Montagesystem. Verwenden Sie dieses Slimline II-Fach, wenn Sie bereits ein Front Runner-Dachgepäckträgersystem besitzen, Ihr ursprüngliches Slimline-Fach ersetzen möchten oder wenn Sie eine benutzerdefinierte Anwendu...
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    A  1475mm (W) x 2368mm (L)  Slimline II Tray only. Does not include... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Slimline II Tray - 1475(W) X 2368(L)"
    1475mm (W) x 2368mm (L) Slimline II Tray only. Does not include a mounting system. Use this Slimline II Tray if you already own a Front Runner roof rack mounting system, would like to replace your original Slimline Tray, or if you are creating a custom application.​​
    THE SLIMLINE II IS STRONG. Unlike most roof racks, the Slimline II was designed and built specifically for off-road use. Manufactured with high density aluminum the Front Runner Slimline II can withstand the stress of any adventure.
    The load support slats fit into a double walled aluminum extrusion channel on the side profiles and are secured via locking nuts. This patented design creates a joint support that is stronger than usual for a roof rack.
    The Slimline II’s L-shaped rear and front slat design increases the strength of the entire rack, making the Slimline II the lightest and the strongest roof rack available.
Aluminum is on average 30% lighter than steel. The new Front Runner all aluminum Slimline II patented design offers the best strength to weight ratio of any roof rack. The all aluminum Front Runner Slimline II can withstand greater stresses than the best all-steel roof rack at 1/3rd less the weight.
    The extra strength and lightness of the Slimline II allows heavier loads to be carried on the roof of the vehicle more safely compared to comparable all-steel roof racks. Using the lighter Slimline II Roof Rack instead of a comparable all-steel rack can lessen your vehicle’s environmental impact, decrease vehicle wear, and improve gas mileage.
 The Slimline II offers complete roof rack design flexibility. No other roof rack available today can be assembled by the customer to meet their specific needs.
    More slats can be added to create a solid platform option for sleeping and/or sitting and enjoying sundowners. Slats can also be removed to create unobstructed access through a T-top or sunroof.
    A full size rack can be quickly converted to a shorter rack with the purchase of a pair of shorter side rails. Or a smaller rack can be made longer with the purchase of longer side rails and additional slats.
    Expedition style rails can even be effortlessly added to create the classic roof rack basket shape.
    If any individual component of the roof rack becomes accidentally damaged, the part can be swapped out without having to replace the entire tray.
    THE SLIMLINE II IS LOW PROFILE. Because of the unique T-slot mounting system, “basket style” side rails are not necessary. This flat deck design is unobtrusive and compliments the lines of today’s automobiles. Because there are no side rails, it’s easier and quicker to remove stored gear and it’s also possible to mount a roof top tent.
    For city use, the lower profile affords easier access to underground car parks and garages. By minimizing the profile, there is less drag and noise than the typical roof rack - thereby increasing fuel efficiency and increasing performance.
    To further reduce wind noise, all Front Runner Slimline II roof racks come with Wind Deflectors included.
 A roof rack should last as long as your vehicle. Most roof racks available today will rust, chip, and/or crack after being exposed to the elements. The Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack will take the abuse of the sun, the rain, the gear, as well as whatever condition road you drive on.
    The Slimline II tray is manufactured in South Africa entirely with corrosion free aluminum while the mounting solutions are either all aluminum or stainless steel -- ensuring a lifetime of dependability.
    As an extra layer of protection, all Front Runner Slimline II roof racks and mounting solutions are powder coated satin black with one of the industry’s most durable and lasting finishes - Akzonobel’s Interpon 600 (CPO 6034). This weather resistant powder coating is formulated for exterior uses and far exceeds industry standards, with the finish showing no visible damage at 500 hours of continuous salt spray.

 The Slimline II offers easy on and off mounting for any type of adventure gear. No more untying, unstrapping, un-netting the entire contents of your roof rack to remove one item. The t-slot slats and slotted side rails offer complete mounting flexibility. Loads are independently secured anywhere on the top, sides, or bottom of the rack using Front Runner’s unique bolt on system.
    The Slimline II offers limitless possibilities for the end user to customize the arrangement of over 25 Front Runner roof rack accessories.
    Front Runner offers roof top solutions for securing water, fuel, tents, bikes, braai/BBQ grates, skis, fishing rods, surfboards, axes, recovery jacks, spades/shovel, bottle openers, clothes, canoes/kayaks, lights, tables, gas/propane bottles, rescue tracks, spare tyres/tires, suitcases, chairs, potjie pots/cast iron pots and snowboards.
    And if you can’t find a Front Runner accessory for your particular brand of adventure -- secure whatever you like via bolts and the t-slots or try the Front Runner Tie Down Rings with the Front Runner Stratchit. The possibilities are endless.


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    RRSTM12 - Slimline II Tray - 1475(W) X 2368(L) Consisting of: 1 x BOXT100 - Tray... mehr
    RRSTM12 - Slimline II Tray - 1475(W) X 2368(L)

    Consisting of:

    1 x BOXT100 - Tray Box Top (Printed)
    1 x BOXT101 - Tray Box Tray Bottom
    1 x BOXT102 - Tray Box Inner
    1 x BOXT103 - Tray Box Inside Inner
    1 x BOXT104 - Tray Box Divider Inner
    2 x BOXT109 - Tray Box Slat Replacement
    2 x BOXT110 - Tray Box CS Side Fillers (Printed)
    1 x BOXT111 - Tray Box Hardware
    1 x FITT001 - Fitting Instructions - Tray (RRSTUNI)
    1 x RRSP5SL1 - Rack Side Profile - 5 Slat Joining 923mm (Pair)

    Approximate Installed Weight 31kg (68lbs)

     Shipping Dimensions:

    Width 450mm (18")
    Length 1615mm (64")
    Height 140mm (6")

    Shipping Weight:Weight 35.9kg (78.9lbs)
    RRSTM12 - Slimline II Tray - 1475(W) X 2368(L) Consisting of: 1 x BOXT100 - Tray... mehr

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